001. She never gave up on her dream of becoming an actress
When she was younger Lili used to record her audition tapes herself with her mom in their living room. There weren’t any casting agencies where she lived — in Cleveland — so her mom took her to New York to do auditions. At 18 she went to live in Los Angeles to make things easier but stayed only 5 months. However, she didn’t want to do anything else than acting so she came back to LA a few months after and got an audition for Riverdale as Betty Cooper.

002. She’s fighting against anxiety and depression
Since she’s 12 Lili’s fighting against anxiety and depression. In 2019 she encouraged her fans to get help from professionnals (therapists, doctors,…) if they were facing those diseases too. She’s really open about her mental health and is not afraid to talk about it. During an interview for the magazine WhoWhatWear she tells the story of her first trip to Los Angeles with an agent/mother as a roomate, the long days she spend alone in her bedroom watching Netflix and all the calls she had with her boyfriend, waiting for new auditions.

003. She’s encouraging self-love
A few years ago, rumors told that Lili Reinhart was pregnant and she got bodyshamed because her belly isn’t flat. In 2018 she got the chance to have a speech during the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in which she’s inviting everyone to love themselves as they are. A few month later, she announe on her social medias that she’s affiliating with the lingerie brand Aerie because the brand is encouraging self-love by taking models of every heigh, weight and morphology and by posting non-photoshopped photos.

004. She auditioned twice for Riverdale
In the first place, Lili sent a self-tapped video audition like she used to do all the time but the crew didn’t accept it. For her second audition she moved where the audition took place and tried again and then finally got the role of Betty Cooper. It is also on that day she met her co-star and best friend Camila Mendes.

005. She is bisexual
In may 2020 her fans got the news via her Instagram account where she posted a story saying the she was a proud bisexual. This encouraged a lot of her fans to do their coming-out as well. In fact, coming-out isn’t always easy but the fact that Reinhart made hers really moved a lot of people and gave them the strenght do come-out as well.

Please note that here on Lili Reinhart Online I’ll never judge you regarding your sexual orientation or anything else. If you need to talk to someone safe I can be that someone without a problem (I myself am a pansexual girl). So don’t hesitate to send me an email at reinhartlilifrance[@]gmail.com or contact me on Twitter via @FRLiliReinhart or @handonsoul.
There are also hotlines you can call if you ever need help and you can find the list right here.

006. She is a Reiki master
On october 10, 2022 Lili Reinhart announced on an Instagram post that she became a Reiki master. She mentioned Reiki a few times during various interviews, saying it was the method she chose for self-healing.